OAP Misi Molu fires back at Tiwa Savage who called her a beggar

Just last week, Mavin Records first lady, Tiwa Savage tagged OAP Misi Molu a beggar after Misi made a comparison between Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade, opining that Yemi Alade is a better vocalist, as Tiwa only shouts in her songs.
This got Tiwa Savage overly pissed off that she took to her Twitter page to flood it with series of bitter tweets in which she insinuated that OAP Misi is a beggar. According to Tiwa, Misi begs her for money but still goes on air to trash-talk her. She told Misi in one of the tweets to always remember what she said before she comes begging next time.
Misi has now fired back, denying Tiwa’s claim that she (Misi) begs her (Tiwa). First of all, Misi said she’s not sure she’s the one Tiwa referred to in those tweets. However, she said if Tiwa was in any way referring to her, she should come up with evidence to back her claim. On one of her social media platforms, Misi wrote;
“Personally, I don’t believe she was talking about me. But if she is, she needs to show evidence to that fact. The situation has been blown way out of proportion than what the intentions of the discussion were actually meant to be.”


  1. i ve never see tiwa make noise in any of her songs, and am not simi has ever begged for money from tiwa. All i see is jelousy and pride.

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